The Building is a 102-story building located in Manhattan NYC on Fifth Avenue between West 33 rd and 34th streets. The excavation of the building was started in January 1930 and construction began in March the same year. Then it was completed in fifteen months other than the anticipated 18 months. As a result of that, the building expenditure reduced. The cost was $24.7 million other than the estimated $43 million. Willian F lamp designed the empire state building from the Shreve architectural firm. He designed the building from top to bottom and produced the designs in exactly two weeks. Afterward, the building was opened by the President of United States of America, Herbert Hoover by switching on the building lights through pressing a button in Washington DC. The Empire state building in NYC was built partly as a result of competition for the title ‘tallest building in NYC’. The other buildings that were contesting for the title were the Chrysler building and 40 Wall Street. They were already under construction when the Empire state building was designed. However, immediately after construction was completed, the Empire state building took over the title.

The Empire state building has been the tallest building in NYC and also the United States of America since 1931 to 1972 when the construction of the first tower of world trade center was built. Currently, the Empire state building is the fifth tallest building in the United States of America and 34th tallest in the world. Its current roof height is 381 meters and a total height of 443.1 meters when its antenna is placed. There are rods fixed on top of the building to prevent it from being hit by lightning.

Another important feature of the Empire state building in NYC is its bright lights. These lights change color on the ongoing occasion. Could be a public holiday or in remembrance of a deceased person. The concept was first introduced in 1964, but it was not efficient since it took the crew approximately 6 hours to ensure the light colors change. In 2011, there was an improvement in technology in the changing of the light colors. As a result, the colors could change within a fraction of a second to mark special occasions in NYC.

Empire state building in NYC also stands as an important cultural icon. This is because it has been designed well and possesses a stunning art deco style. Due to this art deco and other magnificent structures the America Society of Civil Engineers has placed it among the wonders of the world. The Empire state building in NYC was designed to be a historic site. Consequently, it attracts many tourists from different parts of the world.

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